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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good-Bye Johnny - Your Flash Brought Sunshine To My Life!

What is that? You don't know? Its my DEAD camera. Unfortunately it met its demise on Friday last week and I  felt it needed a good-bye post. I remember I saved up about $120.00 for this camera, I even survived the usual Black Friday crowd to get it about 5 years ago. It was a cute white Kodak v1003 10mp camera, not the greatest quality pictures, but it made me happy. Its home was in my bag, along with my wallet, coupon filer, make-up, phone and other miscellaneous things.

I named my camera Johnny, I have a tendency to name things I use very commonly. Johnny was dropped by a fellow classmate of mine, who decided to put the blame on me. I don't quite understand how someone who is all he way across the room can be blamed. Unbelievable. He decided not to pay for the damages so I am left camera-less. I guess for now all my pictures will have to be taken on my iPhone 4. I might just look for my older 5mp Kodak camera, its ancient and has very low resolution, but until I can afford to save up and buy a new one, it will have to do :(

R.I.P Johnny, we traveled across the world together (okay, we only traveled a little under 3,100 miles out of the county). You allowed us to keep photographic memories of my friends and family for 5 years and I thank you! You will be missed :(

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