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Thursday, February 10, 2011

[Closed] GIVEAWAY - Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go & Collectible Figure

Tamagotchi TamaGo
Tamagotchi was something I couldn't get enough of back in the days. I would always sneak them to school and feed them, play with them, pick up their poo and everything lol. They were very addictive cute things to have. I still have many of my old ones that unfortunately don't work anymore. I have not been able to dispose of them, they're just too cute.
"TamaTown features the original Tamagotchi virtual pet with a whole new way to play! Collectibles figures allow you to play games and shop with your favorite Tama Character. With hundreds of collectible characters, TamaTown by Tamagotchi offers girls the chance to interact with their characters both in person and online. The online world of TamaTown features games, music, downloads and much more!"
TamagotchiThanks to Bandai, I received a Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go ($19.99 SRP) and Tamatown Tama-Go Character Collectible figure to review. Tamagotchi has come quite a way since 1996, they recently came out with a new line of Tamagotchi pets with very cool features for a new way to play. This new line, called Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go, feature the iconic eggshell-shaped Tamagotchi with interchangeable face plates, removable Tama Characters and Tama-Go. One thing hasn't changed about the Tamagotchi pets, and that's the fact that you have to train, feed, let rest, play, clean and keep them alive. With Tamatown Tama-Go, you can visit the park with your pet and even take it further online to Tamatown.com where you get a bunch of fun activities, games and unlock items. The website also has many great features, including chatting with other pet owners

There are so many Tamatown Tama-Go character figures ($7.99 SRP), each comes with their own games, interchangeable faceplate and shopping items. You simply slide them on and play! These Tamagotchis have a huge retro-feel to me and it has been fun raising my little pet like I used to. However, my little 4 year old sister has taken it upon herself to raise my pet on her own. Its just adorable how she checks in often and takes care of it. It was difficult for her to get used to the controls, as they are a little confusing for her age. We have both found the plastic covering on the screen is very distracting, and its a shame that it is not back lit or in color. It makes it very hard to play in direct sunlight or even in the dark.

I find a few cons on the Tamatown Tama-Go line, the major one being its size. It is fairly large and uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). The large size is quite a disappointment, especially along with the fact that it is not a color display. Instead, Bandai released this line with the slight upgrade of a four-gray scale display. The only line, that I'm aware of, that has been released with a color display is the Japanese-released Tamagotchi iD. This is something I hope they will release sometime soon in the U.S.

A huge thanks to Bandai for allowing us to review their new line of virtual pets and bringing back great childhood memories. There is not a single person that lays their eyes on these and not comment on how adorable they are. Bandai has been generous enough to provide 1 lucky winner with their own Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go and Character figure!

One (1) Winner will receive:
★(1) - Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go 
★(1) - Tamagotchi Collectible Figure

14 - Samantha from The Mom & Dad Reviews!

Congrats! Winner was chosen via Random.org Keep an eye out for an email from me today! :) 

To Enter:
(Required) Visit Tamagotchi and let me know your favorite "gotchi" or if you've ever owned one before! :)

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Leave a comment for each of the things you did for extra entries. Leave a link for tweets or blog posts, if applicable. Available to U.S. residents only. GOOD LUCK. Giveaway will end February, 27th, 2010 & a winner will be chosen then.

NOTE: Make sure you read the full Giveaway Rules before entering. If you'd like, leave what state you reside in alongside your name. I will no longer be posting giveaway winner's emails for your privacy.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question to review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review. I am disclosing that I received the Tamagotchi Tama-Go Virtual Pet and Tamagotchi Character  from Bandai America Incorporated to review.

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