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Monday, October 25, 2010

Decorating takes time, too much time!

I'm so glad we finally put up 80% of the Halloween decorations on Saturday. But, with all this thinking about decorating outside, it made me wonder why we haven't really decorated inside. We moved in to this new house about a year ago and have yet to paint or make it home-y. We don't even have a coffee table but I know we would all agree on a glass round coffee table

We also have linoleum on the Kitchen floor so some of or bar stools need chair leg caps to not mess it up. Our kitchen is about the only place in the house that has been semi-decorated. The only place that really needs it is the huge living room. We have a couple of pictures, drapes on the windows, area rug, sofa and love seat. But that only covers 20% of the huge odd living room. We need a lot more furniture in there, including a sleeper chair for those who don't fit in the guest room.

Hopefully this upcoming year we'll be able to take care of that, and then its time to tackle the dirt backyard. So much work, so little time.

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