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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Help! Coupon Overload!... + New Coupons at Target.com

I love coupons, but my coupon method is starting to stress me out a bit. I bought a cute little Simone Legno Notebook at Target a while back and that is what i use to keep my coupons "organized". When I'm at the store i rummage through them over and over because i can't find them. Keep in mind, this is a regular small notebook. I put the coupons between the pages and have them sectioned (lol) by food, pets, home/beauty and "what I'm using this trip" at that back which has gotten bombarded by random coupons I'm too lazy to move.

I seriously need help! Any advice on a new method for me. I don't like and will not do any binder couponing. Its too much to haul. I need a simple uncluttered small device lol. My bag is small too, I'm looking to buy a better one. I was looking into a Tokidoki bag, but they are so expensive! :(

So if you guys know of any ways, HELP! :)

Target.com has long awaited NEW coupons up. If you see something you like, print it FAST. I can already tell many are going to be pulled in the near future.
Kerry at TotallyTarget has a great list of the new coupons - here
& Match-Ups for some great deals with the new coupons - here

I might be off to my little shopping trip later on today. It was suggested i should post my trip BEFORE i go. I would, but get so indecisive lol. Here are some things i will get for sure though, the rest is a mystery:

(8) Banquet Meals - $.68 each
(2) $1.50/4 ConAgra Products - Total: $2.44
(2) Bagel Bites 9ct. - $2.24 PC
(2) $1/1 Target QS + (2) $1/1 Manufacturer Q (6/13 SS) - Total: $.48

*Totals are AFTER COUPONS.


Lori said...

Target's dollar spot has some of those plastic accordion style holders now. They have a smaller index card size and a longer envelope size. Either would probably work and they are both small.

I sewed myself one since my coupons were getting out of control as well, and I didn't want to do the binder method. Mine seems to be a lot more out of control than yours. LOL.

c said...

Yes, what Lori said! I bought the accordian one from the dollar spot and it fits great in my purse. It's about the size of a larger wallet. (I also carry a larger purse)

Jenae said...

Ditto both! I actually bought all three sizes of the accordion envelopes and that is what I use now. I have the coupons sorted by store (Target/CVS/Walgreens). Then I have the rest sorted by section (Health and Beauty/Grocery/Pets..etc). Lastly, I have them sorted by what coupons I am definitely going to use "this" trip.

I think I am going to be switching to the binder method though.

lily said...

just wanted to say that I love tokidoki and coupons too!

I have the same notebooks as you as well as the recycleable bag they sold last year. so cute.

What I use is the business card holders agenda book thingy. I put my coupons in there and just put tabs for each section. then when I'm shopping I flip through to find what I'm looking. probably doesn't make sense.. :o)

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