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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Reading Programs - Chuck E Cheese's, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc

Summer Reading Programs - 
Read 2 Weeks, Get 10 Tokens @ Chuck E Cheese's
There are many Summer Reading Programs available to kids for 2010. Chuck E Cheese's has always had promotions for free tokens for a good grades on your kids report card and summer reading programs. For Chuck E Cheese's summer reading program, you have to download & print the calendar and check off every day they read for 2 weeks. They get 10 free tokens when you show them the calendar checked off.
Other, summer reading programs offer free books, free gift cards, free apparel, etc. Some are limited to local libraries so make sure you look around if this interests your kids. Below you will find a list of more programs, have your child participate! :)

Borders; Read 10 get 1 Free. (12 and under)
H-E Buddy; Free shirt and other prizes when you read 10 books.
Barnes & Noble; Read 8 books get 1 Free. 
T.D. Bank: Read 10 books, get $10. (18 and younger)
Half Price Books - Free $3 Store Gift Card for each week your kid (14 and younger) reads for at least 15  minutes a day.

Read 5 books; Prize Pack includes $20 Gift Card, a book, sunglasses, etc.
Ends: August 15, 2010. There will be 50 winners.

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