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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 6/17 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 100%)

Those Target receipts are just horrid! The fact that i'm not good at math doesn't help, numbers give me a headache. The only time i like numbers is when i watch my price go from $80-something to practically nothing :) I made a quick trip to Target today but found no Olay TE Body Wash or Scrubbing Bubbles again :( Its ok though, coupons don't expire just yet. I got a couple things, paid only tax, which unfortunately is at 9.7500% in Los Angeles.. or all of California i mean.

Bought (6) Schick Razors 5 Blade @ 7.99 each
-Used (6) $5/1 Schick Razor from 6/13 SS
-Used (6) $4/1 Schick Razor Target Q from 6/20 SS

Bought (1) Dove Deodorant, got 1 Body Mist ($3.49) free
-Used $2/1 IP coupon
-Used $1/1 Target Q printable coupon.

Bought (2) Tropicana Pure Premium Juices, got 1 dozen large eggs ($1.39) free
-Used (1) Free Tropicana Juice coupon (no longer available)
-Used (1) $1/1 Tropicana Pure Premium from 6/6 RP

Bought (1) Glade Air Freshener @ $3.89
-Used $2/1 Target Q printable coupon
-Used $1/1 Glade from 6/6 SS

So, my total showed $0.00, but after (i attempted) to calculate everything after coupons, it came out to $3.31. I only paid tax... either i don't know how to use a calculator or there was an error in their machines.

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Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how you used the $4/1 schick razor target Q from the 6/20 SS if it has not come out yet?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing...

Ai Mei said...

I get the paper and coupon inserts early :)

Hope you guys get the $4/1 coupon too! Hopefully its not a regional.

Anonymous said...

I'm in cali and was wondering where you bought the paper at? My Tax is 8.75% I'm in chino hills.

Super Coupon Lady said...

Gotta love FREE!! Would love to have come over and link up your great shopping!!

Rachelle R said...

isn't it funny how you can taxed on a zero subtotal or a negative subtotal? i live in norcal so it's nice to see a blog with totals (and tax) that are close to mine!

Anonymous said...

Does the target coupon adjust down? or did you end up getting overage? TIA

Ai Mei said...

Apparently i got overage. My total was suppose to be $3.31 but i was informed that i had gotten $6ish overage from the razors so it ate up my total. I couldn't gotten $3 worth of something to eat up the rest of the $3ish overage i had left.

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