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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Reviews: PacShoreClothing, Medco

NEGATIVE- I placed my order on 5/11, their policy states they ship their orders within 2-3 business days. It took them longer, they shipped on 5/19. The 1st time they sent me the wrong item... i called and explained to the guy the difference between what they sent me and what i ordered. He said "oh, we sometimes send out those because they are similar". I proceeded to tell him that regardless being "similar" i did not order those. So i had to pay for return shipping. Oh my god, slowest damn company i've ever dealt with. 

I sent them back on 5/20, Got the "correct" item shipped. Only problem was, IT WAS THE WRONG ORDER AGAIN! Horrible! I called, asked for a full refund, sent it back on 6/7. They are located in Long Beach, CA.. which is practically down the street from me. They have received my return, it shows up on the USPS website BUT after countless emails they have not emailed back as to when i will receive my refund. 

PacShoreClothing is the worst company i have dealt with in a long time. I will be filling a complaint with PayPal very soon. PSC, Stay out of business if you can't cater to customers!

POSITIVE - This company, after the recent deal, were bombarded with orders. Despite that, they had very timely shipping. They had a $10 off $10 deal, their shipping price was only $.99. I had two orders, i only paid shipping on both. I got Coppertone Sunblock ($9.99), Palmers Eventone Face Cream ($5ish), Elf Mineral Concealer SPF 15 ($5ish), so i saved about $20. Both orders arrived at the same time, less than a week after ordering.

Despite being bombarded with orders, some get viral to the point where the sites shut down, they honored all purchases; Unlike the CompanyStore, which received a whole bunch of orders too, and they ended up charging people the "full" amount after the customers received a receipt of a discounted price. Isn't it fraud when you're charged more than what you agree too? Shame on you CompanyStore, which i give a NEGATIVE to!

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