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Monday, December 3, 2012

Share and Care with Kleenex! #KleenexSWS

With these cold Winter months we're experiencing, many of us fall victim to the cold and flu. Being sick is not something I have ever enjoyed. However, the one thing I think we all looked forward to when we were young, was staying home sick. Of course, this didn't fix the pain, constant coughing, runny nose or our dependency on others. Thankfully I had a mother who was home during most of the day, and when I had to stay home, there was always one food she would make for me.

Sopa de Res is a type of soup my mother makes from our homeland. It's a Nicaraguan-soup that is just full of great stuff like meat, plantain, summer squash, carrots, cassava root, corn, cabbage, cilantro and many other veggies and herbs simmering together. The result is a hot soup with a great light but very rich broth. It takes a lot of work to make sopa de res, but the result it delicious, and it's something I always associate with being under the weather. Of course, eating any type of hot soup while sick will make your nosy runny, and that's where Kleenex comes in. Some people just run to the toilet paper, but I have sensitive skin and Kleenex tissues never makes my nose feel rough or irritates it.

Kleenex has always been out go-to brand for tissues, I especially love their seasonal boxes with cute prints. Whats great is that Kleenex is offering Care Packs, and Share Packs. When you purchase specially marked boxes of Kleenex tissue you can send Share Packs, which consist of a box of Kleenex tissues or Care Packs, which consist of lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex Brand Share Pack, Kleenex Brand Slim Pack, a coupon booklet, and card you can redeem to download four songs from select Universal Music Artists. All you need to do is redeem the code on the package by going on the Kleenex website and make someone's sick-day a little better.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogging program from Kleenex and Latina Bloggers Connect. This post makes me eligible to win a compensation, all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly my own.

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