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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weird Toys - Whats Up With This?

weird toys for kids found at store
I sometime think I am the only person that notices how weird some toys are. I won't go into the popular "dog that shits and you collect it toy", but I will mention this "Sprayden". Apparently, he is a Prehistoric Pet... that has the power to spray you by peeing. I saw this at a Kmart store, which I rarely go to because it smells like old moldy clothes. I have seen my share of weird toys, but this one is just odd. It's a posable dragon that pees on you. I regret not reading the box to find out if you could actually fill it with liquid for it to extract.

A while back I ran into a Grandpa Doll that sang at Big Lots. What did it sing? It sung, "Don't you wish your grandpa was hot like me?". It was quite disturbing seeing as it was around Christmas-y plushies, but make me laugh nonetheless. I even took a little video of it! Anyone else run into some weird toys?

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