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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pre-Ordering Video Games: Pros & Cons

preorder video game pro con
When hot video games are announced plenty of stores offer incentives in order to get people to pre-order them. What stores do this? Most often it's Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, even online stores like Amazon. The incentives are sometimes digital ones that include alternative scenes, outfits, weapons for your character in said game, etc. Other times you get a physical incentive like a T-Shirt, keychain, plush doll, gift card, etc. Either physical or digital, pre-ordering video games is always a good thing for plenty of reasons, some include:

Making sure you'll have a copy waiting for you in case the stores get sold out.
Incentives. Free gifts are always nice!
No need to pay for it when it gets released

The actual waiting for the video game to be released
Paying the high amount of $ of a newly released game costs

Pre-ordering videos games has more pros than cons, and for die-hard video game junkies like myself, we NEED to have the game when it comes out. It's smart to take advantage of any incentives by pre-ordering a game that we will eventually buy the same day it gets released. This comes with a little work though, always compare. Stores will always have different incentives for pre-ordering the same game; for example Target might offer a $5 Gift Card, while Best Buy offers a keychain. Which would you prefer? Always be sure to compare and get the best deal that appeals to YOU. And for all you moms out there with kids who constantly ask for the latest game, always pre-order OR you can get it for them 2-3 months after they are released, as they tend to drop anywhere from $10-$20.

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