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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Semester Has Started, +Updates and VOTE For Next $50 Gift Card Giveway!

Things have been so hectic lately. We're still buying stuff and stocking up on things for our month-long trip in December. We have yet to buy the plane tickets, $800 is too much for each person so we're hoping it drops, and fast.

On another note, today was orientation for Kindergarten kids at our local school. We took my baby sister since she will be starting school next week. She is not used to being around so many kids but looked as if she would handle the situation well. The classroom was big and the teacher seemed very friendly. We donated a couple bags of things to her class and my little brothers (starting 4th grade) class that they might need;  Kleenex, Scissors, Notebooks, Paper, Crayons, Index Card and a lot more. All back-to-school things were at 50% Clearance at Target today so we thought it would be nice to send some off. Its amazing how many people think she is my child. I just reply with "Oh no, I'm too young for that" lol. After that she felt a little hungry so we stopped by Carl's Jr, as the picture above shows how exhausted she was from a 'long' day.

I just started a new semester at my college a week ago and everything is running smoothly so far. I have a bunch of reviews scheduled to post this month, mostly travel-related so keep an eye out! :) Also, more good news is I got a new camera (a couple weeks ago). After a rude classmate broke my camera I had to buy a new one. It was on the pricey side but I love it. Its a Samsung PL120 and has 14-megapixels and 2 LCDs; the regular LCD on the back and one of the front for self-portraits and all! :) So cute!

Another update, I'll be cleaning out my coupon jungle again this weekend, does anyone think it'll beat the last coupon jungle clean out? Last one was about 3 feet tall lol!

One last thing, I am sponsoring a $50 Gift Card GIVEAWAY sometime later this month and am giving you guys the choice of which one to choose from. I have a couple available so the options are for TARGET, WALMART or GameStop. Be sure to VOTE on the Facebook Poll for your favorite one! Most voted will be the one given away!

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