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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Addiction To My iPhone 4 Needs A Solar Powered Charger!

I came to the conclusion that I was addicted to "staying powered up" a long long time ago. Its so bad that I sleep with my cell phone on my bed next to me. My cell phone never gets turned off, I don't even turn off my desktop or laptop (they go on hibernate) and there have been instances where I have almost forgotten my bag, but have never forgotten my cell phone. Go Figure!

Being for addicted to my electronics makes it difficult when I'm out and about about because at times I'm not around a readily available outlet where I can charge my iPhone. These moments sometimes spark a bit of desperation and leads me to shut down any apps I may have running, WiFi and other energy-consuming things in order to save battery in case I need it for emergency calls. Now, my last phone, an HTC, had a universal mini-USB which made it easy to buy portable chargers to use for it. I also had other electronics with a mini-USB that used the same portable charger. I later upgraded to a solar power charger which made my life a bit easier.

Finding a portable solar battery charger for my iPhone 4 will be my next step. I loved the old one I used for my HTC a lot. Its very eco-friendly and provided me with FREE power for my phone, and all in a neat portable product! Nothing beats that. So it looks like my addiction to staying powered up will not change any time soon! lol.

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