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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Updates On Ai Mei :) #Coupon Jungle, #T.V. Shows

Coupon Jungle Inserts
I finally got around to cleaning out my 1/2 of my coupon jungle, I had inserts from September of last year. It was a pretty tall stack but not as tall as the last coupon jungle that was about 3ft. tall. Since I don't get as many coupon inserts as before, I won't be having any big cleanouts like this anymore.

On the other hand, I've been trying to keep my mind clean and clear since Sunday when I experianced a horrible tooth ache. I think it was caused by infection, as my cheek was a bit swollen. The pain is gone, but I think thinking about it bring it back. Could it be mental? I hope. Either way, I've been watching some shows on T.V. (and I don't really like watching T.V.) to keep my mind occupied. 

I came scross The Big Bang Theory and have fallen in love with it. I have also renewed my love for the sexy Dean Winchester on Supernatural. I watched the premier over 5 years ago, watched the 1st two seasons and stopped for some reason. I just started, watching half of the 5th season and starting on the 6th while watching the new opisode of the 7th season. Thats a lot of catching up, but well worth it, the show is amazing. I'm not into T.V. much but there are some amazing shows on lately, including The Secret Circle and the upcoming GRIMM... hopefully more shows like this get made, and less ridiculous "reality" shows.

T.V., coupon cleanouts, homework and buying decorations for Halloween is what I've been up to lately. Hope everyone has been doing well! :)

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