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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Staples Back To School Products

Back to school is here for some, but not all. What is the good news? You can still take advantage of some GREAT deals on supplies, tech, and other back to school necessities. Staples is one of the places where you can score some great deals, especially with their $0.01 deals! I love their products, and thanks to the wonderful people at Staples, we received the following to review: Glitter Personal 5x7 Notebook by Carolina Pad ($2.99), Azuna 3D Dry Erase Board ($7), Mini Comp Books ($1.49 - $1.99), Glam Rock Scissors and Stapler ($2.99 - $4.99) and an Emtec Animal Collection 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Panda ($12.99).

I must say, the Carolina Pad personal glitter notepad is very handy. Great for taking quick notes when you don't feel like pulling out your regular-sized notebook. The same with the Mini Comp Books. They are handy enough to carry in your pocket (unless you're wearing skinny jeans that squeeze the living life out of you, lol). My little brother, who will be going to 4th grade, absolutely loves the mini comp books. He uses them to jot down his math problems, instead of using 1/4 of big sheet paper. My little sister, who will be starting 1st grade, loves the look of the Glam Rock Scissors and Stapler. They came in green and are very fun looking. However, they are a bit bulky and I wouldn't recommend them for kids in grade 3 or under. They could, however, use the stapler at home, but its too heavy to carry everyday in their backpacks. 

Now, on to the Emtec Animal Collection Flash Drives. Their line has a little piggy, cow, fish, mouse, monkey, turtle and panda, which is the one we received. It is a USB 2.0 flash drive with 4GB capacity. These come in handy, especially if your printer broke and you have to print out a big paper on another computer or somewhere like Kinkos. Believe me, this thing happens a little too often, at the worst times and to too many of us! It retails for $12.99 at staples and is a great deal in my opinion. The flash drive is adorable and comes with a chain, which allows you to stick this cutie on your keys. The head portion holds the memory, the body is removable. Its extremely easy to use, you plug it in, your computer instantly recognizes it at USB mass storage and prompts you to open the folder. You are then free to transfer pictures, documents, pdfs, movies, music and all.

I absolutely adore all the products Staples sent to review. My favorite is, by far, the Panda Emtec Flash Drive, its just too cute. I also received the Azuna 3D Dry Erase Board with an erasable pen. The board is a good size, the idea of a 3D Dy Erase board is great too, but either I got a faulty erase board or I'm going crazy. The pen makes no marks whatsoever on the board. I took the plastic covering off thinking that was the problem, but no luck. And, at a hefty $7, I can't say I would recommend it. Either way, a huge thanks to Staples for the opportunity to review some of their great products, be sure to check out Staples Back-To-School Center.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post, however I did receive the product in question, from the company or their representing  PR company,  free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I have provided a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.

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