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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 8/16 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 89% or $137)

So, the last coupon for Target's Back-To-College 1,000 Likes promotion was a 50% off Room Essentials Ottoman that made is $7 after coupon and sale. I got to the store and was happy I found the green one :) It is super cute! I also took another load of Off! Bug Repellent that was on 85% clearance. That is a GREAT deal, I'm just waiting for the Off! spray cans to go on clearance. We need a lot of this for our trip! I also got a bunch of manufacturer coupons for SoBe from the last contest I won (look out for the giveaway later on in the week).

Bought (1) Room Essentials Ottoman, Green - (Reg. $17) On Sale - $14
-Used (1) 50% Off Target Q ($7)

Bought (4) OFF! Botanicals Lotion Insect Repellent (Reg. $5.99) Clearance $0.74 
Bought (6) OFF! Botanicals Wipes Insect Repellent (Reg. $5.99) Clearance $0.74  
Bought (11) OFF! Spritz Pen Insect Repellent (Reg. $4.99) Clearance $0.54 

Bought (5) SoBe Teas - $1.17
-Used (5) FREE SoBe Manufacturer Qs

Total - before coupons & sales: $137.64 | after sales & clearance: $15.34* (before tax) 
Saved: $122.30 -or- 90%

*Used a $5 Target Gift Card from a previous sale a while back.
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