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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Horrible Moving Experience, Two Years Later + Tips!

Learning things the hard way is not always the best way, and it can create a LOT of stress. After living at our last residence for about 10 years, or half of my life better said, we moved over 40 miles away. Long distance moving might not as difficult as moving to another state, but it was still a big move that would've required a lot of planning. Unfortunately, we made many mistakes that made our move very stressful and they are things you should definitely avoid. So here are a couple tips to help you out.

Pre-pack - Its simple. If you have things in your house you know you won't be using any time soon, start packing it as early as 2 months beforehand. If you're low on help you definitely need to start asap in order to not have everything done last minute. Many of us have items in closets the garage or basement that we haven't used in years so to have them packed up and ready to go long before is ideal.

Cleaning - As mentioned before, we all have items we haven't used in years stored all over our house, with that comes junk we won't need or want at our new place. Cleaning out and packing gets rid of unneeded junk and lets you get a little better organized. As for big seasonal blankets and clothing, its best to wash it all before getting to your new place. There is no fun moving to a new house only to unpack dirty stinky stuff.

Get Help - By cleaning and prepacking you should have a reasonable amount done within two weeks of your move. Make sure you get friends and family to help you out. Make sure you also reward them with some pizza or Chinese at your new place. Maybe them can stay longer and even help you paint!

These are simple tips, that although we have heard, we seem to ignore. We made the mistake of not cleaning blankets and clothing before arriving at our new house and with unpacking, going around the city finding out where to go to turn our water and electricity on, it made things stressful. I managed to pre-pack maybe 2 boxes of only my things about a month in advance. This was no help though, as we had a house with 6 people to move, not just me. It was a horrible experience having to fill tons of boxes a mere two weeks before moving. Also, for a reason I can't recall, we had absolutely no help moving. So I was stuck helping my dad lift couches, heavy TVs, extremely heavy dressers and other things by myself down a flight of stairs to the moving truck. I was also the only one helping him move it inside our new house. All the yelling, being unprepared and being hurried stressed me out and made my moving experience horrible. Its something I NEVER want to go through again, and if forced to, I am protesting to get paid help. It made me hate packing, and let just say that we still have a good amount of boxes in the garage that we have not opened... 2 years later.

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