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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Los Angeles Times Sunday Newspaper Only $0.19 A Week!

Not until recently have I had a need to buy the Sunday paper, but I can't coupon without coupons! :) I found a GREAT deal for the Los Angeles Times newspaper. You can score the Los Angeles Times Sunday Newspaper for Only $0.19 a week!  If you're looking to get the Los Angeles Times Sunday paper delivered to your home, NOW is the time to buy a subscription! The Sunday paper is the one with all the great coupon inserts, so if you decide to register for service, it will practically pay for itself!

Visit the L.A. Times Self-Service website and enter your address, zip code (to see if they deliver in your area) and enter 900929 in the coupon code section. You will then be taken to the next page where you have the option to chose your subscription type (just choose Sunday only). Next page is where you will see the rates (with the coupon above added). You can get up to 3 Sunday newspapers delivered straight to your house for as little as $4.56 for 8-weeks, $6.84 for 12-weeks, $13.68 for 24-weeks or $29.64 for 52-weeks. Keep in mind, these prices reflect THREE copies of the Sunday paper for each week. So if you choose only 1 copy of the Sunday paper, you'll pay as little as $1.52 for 8-weeks and only $9.88 for 52-weeks! WHAT A HUGE SAVING! 

I hope you guys hurry and take advantage of this deal. I just registered for 3 copies of the Sunday Los Angeles Times newspaper for 24-weeks at only $13.68. I also set it on auto-renew, as it guarantees the SAME price for the next 24-weeks in case the coupon expires by then.

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