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Thursday, July 14, 2011

FREE iCarly Episode Download and $5 - $6 In Coupons In Select Mead Notebooks @ Target

I finally got a chance to visit Target today and found a select few surprises in the Back-To-School area. A few notebooks (specially marked) had coupons for $5-$6 in coupons for MEAD and Scotch products. The MEAD 1-Subject notebooks (retail for $1) had $6 worth in coupons inside: $1/1 Scotch Restickable Shapes, Strips or Tabs; $1/1 Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser; $1/2 Scotch Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors; $1.50/1 Scotch Poster Tape; $0.50/1 Mead Vinyl Binder; $1/1 Mead Five Star Flex NoteBinder. All coupons expire 12/21/11 except for the last 2, they expire 9/10/11.

In the Mead composition notebooks there are $5 worth of coupons and a FREE sample of the Scotch Restickable Shapes product. Coupons inside are: $1/1 Scotch Restickable Product; $1/1 Mead Five Star Zipper Binder (x9/10); $1/1 Scotch Wrinkle-Free Glue Sticks; $1/1 Post-It Glags or Durable Tabs; $1/1 Scotch Restickable Shampes, Strips or Tabs. All coupons expire 12/31/11

You'll also find an EXCLUSIVE, TARGET ONLY special on select iCarly Notebooks (retail $2.50). You'll notice some sticks on the iCarly Notebooks mentioning a FREE iCarly episode, downloadable via iTunes and exclusively available via Target. This offer expires September 27, 2011. I am a HUGE iCarly fan (and Freddie is a cutie!), as are my siblings, so we'll be enjoying our free episode! :) Make sure you keep an eye for these notebooks!

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