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Monday, June 20, 2011

Unexpected Expenses Just Pile On!

Its no surprise I like saving money, but I also like the finer things in life (ok, mostly only electronics). I do unbelievable research before I buy something, scout for the lowest prices and even sales with gift cards. There are so many things I've bought in my lifetime that I thought I wouldn't have to replace, and others that would last for a long long time. Unfortunately, I've been wrong about it about 70% of the time.

For example, my Sony Vaio laptop I bought three years ago and has been running mediocrely for the last 2. The blue screen comes on so often that I try to avoid using it, but as a College Student, its impossible. Another example is the Linksys router I have (or had I should say). Bought about 3 1/2 years ago and completely stopped working on Saturday. I called the customer service number and was advised to "just buy a new one, you've had it long enough" by the outsourced Indian customer service rep. How ridiculous, right? I don't buy routers based on their "3 1/2 year life span". I would go into details about what the problem with it was, but it makes no difference. The warranty was only 1-year and to renew it for 2 weeks was $29.99, so I said screw it and just bought a new Netgear router on Sunday. I am good with electronics, I like to open things up and play with the circuit board and wires and fix it. BUT when it comes to setting up routers, I detest it! It took me 3 hours, and I am not electronically-challenged!

I can go on about things I buy with no intention of having to re-buy just a few years later, but won't. Its just frustrating having all these unexpected expenses piling up when whats coming in isn't enough. I sometimes think some companies do this purposely just to keep their income coming in. I wish things would go wrong in the first year so the manufacturer's 1-year warranty can cover it and just send me a new one! Why can't life be that perfect?

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