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Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY - Pre-Disaster!

Has anyone else been bitten with the DIY bug? I have. Over the weekend we had to sit down and plan on getting some things that need to get done, some asap. I sat and wondered.. how the hell do people get this stuff done? Things that I thought would be simple, really aren't.

One example, our rental unit needs blinds, as the last ones were broken. The shape of the window is odd and we need blinds that hook from the inside (if that makes sense). Problem is, I think the trim is wood as oppose to drywall (which I have no problem putting the brackets in). Unfortunately, we have no tools to get it done. So, I thought buying a power drill would make things easier (as I've seen done on the Home and Garden network). So I searched online for a good price at local stores. This was about 2 hours after googling like crazy, videos of how to use one, learned about drills, hammer drills, drill bits, etc.

I thought DIY would be a fun, but in our case, without ANY knowledge or tools, its quite hard. After the hours of research and some frustration I laughed at how misinformed I was about DIY. My hats off to all you DIY-rers out there! Our "projects" haven't gone bad or been a disaster... yet. I'm hoping it won't be.

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