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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gotta Love Clearance @ Big Lots!

I love Big Lots! The store has some great deals on just about everything, including a lot of name brand products. I don't get to head there everyday but made it a MUST this weekend! As soon as I walked through the door I see a sign with a bunch f snack for 50% off (and all of their stuff is ALREADY discounted). I grabbed a lot of things, apple studell boxes priced at $0.38, cheese & cracker dippers for $0.50, oreos for $0.80, etc. We got a lot of stuff to fill up our snack pantry for a bit! :)

I love how you just get great deals when you least expect it and I LOVE clearance! I also bought a huge muffin and cookie sheet for the oven that was only $2, some super adorable socks and a cute doggy bed for Spock (only $8) and a pillow for my big baby ($4). I didn't get anything for my adorable lady dog this trip, but she got a nice dinner when we got home lol.

Anyone else shop at Big Lots? Ever find something super great there? I do, all the time :)

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