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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update: Target Mishap

As I previously reported on one of our recent trips to Target, we were ridiculously denied the Free Freezer bag from the frozen food deal at Target this week. After sending Target.com an upsetting email I had one waiting in my inbox the next morning. They let me know they were sorry for the mishap, that they had called the store and settled things and to go pick up the bag they had set aside for me.

So, along with coupons for a mini Up & Up trip, my sister headed to pick up the bag. My name was misspelled, but at least they were nice and apologized and even attached a $3 Off "With Our Apologies" Target coupon (good for anything in store). I'll most likely use it to roll it on some more SoBe. Hopefully they don't mess it up again.

P.S. The bag is super adorable! :) I always advise people to email Target.com when you've had a very bad shopping experience. I don't like receiving "glares" from cashiers when I use my coupons, and if you're a couponer, I'm sure you don't either. The feedback I give will hopefully help Target reevaluate how to train their workers better.

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