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Monday, February 14, 2011

ConAgra Coupons Found Inside Banquet Meals

I'm a big fan of Banquet meals and was surprised to find $4 in ConAgra product coupons in there. The Banquet meals very frequently go on sale at almost every grocery store. They regularly sell for around $0.80 so if you find the special marked Banquet Meals, get one :)

$1/2 ACT II Popcorn Packages (3pk.+ Any Variety) x5/31/12
$1/2 Crunch 'n Munch Packages (12oz.+ Any Variety) x5/31/12
$0.50/2 Chef Boyardee Big Can Varieties x5/31/12
$0.35/1 Hunts Ketchup Bottle (24oz.+) x5/31/12
$0.25/1 Banquet Homestyle Bakes x5/31/12
$0.40/1 Banquet Fruit Pies x5/31/12
$0.50/1 Banquet Boneless Chicken Bag x5/31/12

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