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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sign Up For Freebies? Beware!

I'm fairly positive a lot of you guys come to my blog for deals, savings, early ads, and so on. I use to have a weekly freebie post updating them frequently throughout the week as more freebies became available. Since starting this blog in April 2010 I have been very time-consumed and haven't been able to search and sign up for freebies.

So, missing all those little presents in my mail, I decided to search for some but instead ended up searching google some personal information of mine. Low and behold, my personal information was readily available on the world wide web for anyone to get. Now, I know a lot of you (especially with blogs of your own) don't mind it, but I honestly do. My personal information was available along with thousands of other people who signed up for this websites "freebie", which in turn I don't even recall getting.

Name, address, zip code, IP address, everything. Seeing it in a list with thousands of other peoples information disgusted me, I tried getting in touch with their Customer Service but was never able to. I wrote them a pretty detailed email telling them I was disgusted by it and a couple days later, it was gone. However, I have received NO response from them. This is certainly one company I would NEVER again deal with. If you guys are interested in finding out, feel free to shoot me an email as I don't even think they deserve a place on my blog.

So, if any of you guys are like myself, and don't appreciate having your personal information available on the WWW, be careful. When signing up for freebies and junk like that make a new email account for free under gmail, yahoo or hotmail. They tend to send a lot of spam too so its better than using your personal email. There are also many companies who actually never follow through to send you your free sample and give out your information, sell you email for spam, etc. Also, check out FreeSampleMama's post on "Scams, Warnings, Phishing Sites & No Show Freebies".

 Remember, Be Careful! :)

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