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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gardens Alive! $25 Off $25 (or less)!!

Gardens Alive HOT deal has crept up once again! Gardens Alive is a great website for anyone with a green thumb. I ventured into gardening in 2009 and have been dabbling in and out since then. Growing things from seeds is amazing but take a lot of work and maintaining it is hard as well.

So, once you sign up for Garden Alive's Catalog, you will receive it in the mail and it will come with a $25 off $25 (or less) order. The coupon includes shipping so there are plenty of items you can get for FREE. When you get the catalog in the mail all you will need to do is enter the Account No. and  Key No. from the catalog to get the $25 off.

As you can see in the image above, I go the Foliar Lawns Alive Fertilizer, which costs $14.95. The shipping was $7.95, i entered by Account No. and Key No. from my catalog and got it shipped for FREE. I didn't have to enter any credit card number, just my shipping address. So get your catalog quick! :)

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