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Monday, January 3, 2011

FREE $10 iTunes Gift Card

Over at iDrive.com they are having a great promotion for a $10 iTunes Gift Card. You simply have to follow 3 steps to get it. 

First step is to sign up for iDrive.com by heading to the App Store on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smart phone and download the iDrive app (its FREE). You make an account and it backs up your contacts. It takes a couple minutes at most.

Second step is to check your email. The email will notify and welcome you to their website while giving you a link to download the iDrive on your computer (its FREE).

Third step is simply to back up at least 1 GB and they will then send you an email asking for your address to send you a $10 iTunes card. How simple is that?

Note: During step two, in the email will also let you know about the $10 iTunes Card promotion and states: "Must be 18 years of age or older. Limit is one per house-hold. Valid for US residents only. You need to backup at least 1GB of data to be eligible for the promo." So if you guys are interested in getting it, the sooner the better :) These type of promos don't stick around for long.

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