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Friday, April 30, 2010

About Me

Who Am I?
My name is Ai Mei, I'm a 23 year old Latina-mixed Blogger residing in the Los Angeles area. My furry babies include two Siberian Husky boys and a Papillon-mix girl. I am a College Student and created this blog, Student-Saving-Bucks.com , to share my money-saving deals and finds to other couponers. The Deal Bloggers World is overtaken by Mommy Bloggers and thought one geared to a slightly different audience would be a good thing. I post my shopping trips and great deals to help other college students see that couponing is a GREAT way to manage your money while being in school, especially if you're putting yourself through it. Using coupons is no longer just for our grandparents, that stereotype has been kicked out the door by myself and many others. The average couponer has a household income of over $50,000 and is college educated. 

I am a coupon-clipper! I go to school and currently major in Anthropology. I love life, Star Trek, video games, gadgets and music. My personal likes include tats and (my) piercings (I'm sure all college students would agree, maybe). I periodically write about my everyday life. I am bi-cultural and enjoy the benefits, including my culture, heritage and other wonderful things that come along with it. I identify more-so as a Latina and respect the Latina blog world that has been steadily gaining exposure.
About Student Saving Bucks
Student-Saving-Bucks was created and founded in April 2010 as a .blogspot We later upgraded to www.Student-Saving-Bucks.com in late June 2011. I actively contribute to this blog to help others earn money and find deals. I also do  reviews and giveaways on anything from tech-gadgets and electronics to make-up, food, etc. Our slogan here at Student-Saving-Bucks is "...because students like to save too! "

I review and giveaway products on my blog to help expose myself and my readers to new worthwhile products. I am not a professional writer or reviewer but am a consumer and have a very strong opinion on the products and brands that I use. I often recommend products to friends and family who then decide to try it out for themselves. Word of mouth to me is one of the best forms of exposure for brands. I enjoy reviewing electronics such as video games, cell phones and gadgets. Technology is our future and we need to get accustomed to it so I enjoy having the opportunity to review these kinds of products for my readers.

This blog is not strictly college-related. Feel free to leave comments, email me for reviews/giveaways, contact me to exchange blog buttons, guest posts, questions, comments, suggestions, or anything whatsoever.

AiMei@Student-Saving-Bucks.com or use our Contact Form.

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