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Friday, April 30, 2010

Review - Franklin Goose / Way Basics


About a month ago FranklinGoose.com ran a promotion; for every review get $5 in store credit. I took advantage, given i had bought from them before (I bought Way Basics modular tables) I ended up with $110 in store credit. So about a week ago i decided to purchase a Way Basics 3 Shelf Storage Bookcase priced at $69.99. They have Flat Rate shipping at $5. Unfortunately my item was over the 25lbs limit so i got charged just under $30 for shipping (still within my $110 store credit).

So to tally this up, i got it for FREE.

So i just received it yesterday and am amazed at how sturdy it actually is. The cool thing about this bookcase is that it doesn't require any tools to set it up. What it has is a strong adhesive that is revealed when you peal it off. Its fun to set up. The best part about Way Basics furniture is that its Eco-Friendly. It is made of 99% post consumer recycled paper. Even their packaging is recyclable.

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