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Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween is near; Black Friday around the corner!

I can't believe its almost Halloween! How fun! Time is sure passing by fast. Or, it just might seem like that because of my extremely busy days now with school and work. Some of my neighbors already have Halloween decorations up, and we haven't :( I'm hoping to maybe get that done this week. We don't have much, just some spiderwebs that come intertwined in two colors (white, red; white, black), hangable things, a super cute Frankenstein, lol. We also have a fog machine and a strobe light.

Since we just moved to this new house last year, we didn't know what to expect and ran out of candy fast last year. We bought about 15 bags this year, nothing spectacular but a lot of cute random Halloween candy (jelly filled hearts, Pokemon lollipops and other stuff). How much candy do you guys buy?

In other news, I won a giveaway over at Sandy's Baking Memories. You guys should check her out, she makes some super-cute cookies! I saw some really great Hello Kitty ones and Star Wars... I was searching for Star Trek but no luck :( It would be great to have some Spock and Captain Kirk cookies. Chekov too. lol. She let me know I should be getting my Halloween cookies by the 31st and I can't wait. See her cute cookies below:

With Halloween coming up, that means Black Friday is right around the corner! Who is exited for Black Friday!? I sure am! I do Black Friday every year and can't wait for it! There is just something attractive about it, maybe the low prices? Have any of you actually done it? What is the longest you waited in line? The longest I've waited in line was 2 and a half days! It was really cold too.

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