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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Toys R Us - Free Lunch Kit Deal & Others

This Sunday Toys R Us will be offering a FREE Lunch Kit (up to a $9.99 value) when you buy ANY Backpack priced $12.99+. This is a nice deal, IMO. My baby sister will be starting school next year (or this if they accept her). With all the money we are all saving with these coupons, its nice to buy something for someone knowing they'll love it! The free Lunch Kit doesn't hurt either, lol.

Other deals at Toys R Us for 7/4 - 7/10:
BOGO All Crayola Crayons ($1.29 - $6.29)
BOGO All Crayola Markers ($3.98 - $10.49)
BOGO All Crayola Color Wonder, Color Explosion & Color Surge ($.98 - $29.99)

Free $15 Gift Card WYB The Last Airbender for Wii
The Last Airbender for Wii - $39.99

Buy the Lego Harry Potter: Year 1- 4 Video Game ($39.99 for Wii) for ANY system & get the following for only $5:
Lego Star Wars Wii, Lego Indiana Jones Wii or Lego Batman Wii

"BARGAIN DAY$" on Sunday & Monday get the following for only $.25:
Good Humor Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwhich*
Popsicle Rainbow (3.5oz.)*
Pepsi (20oz.)*
Diet Pepsi (20oz.)*

*Limit 2 per person


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Thanks for following me through Social Parade. I'm following you back. Have a great weekend!

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