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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Freebies (6/1-)

Free Limeade Sparkler (no purchase necessary)
Get a coupon, they won't last long! Free Limeade Sparkler from Taco Bell
Valid until 7/11 or 500,000 run out! 

Carl's Jr. "Wheel of Awesome"

FREE STUFF. Introducing The Wheel of Awesome. Every time you spin you get something, from burgers to Blu-ray players. EVERYONE GETS ONE SPIN TO START. Add spins by inviting friends. Oh, and set your “Things I Like” privacy setting to “Everyone” or The Wheel of Awesome won’t work properly. Now go get awesome! - Happy Star

Other Freebies:

Sign up here for $4 in coupons for Cheerios (four emails w/ $1 coupon) and a chance to win a full sized box. Over 50,000 full sized boxes will be given out.


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