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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Pasta w/ Classico Pasta Sauce, Cheap Banquet Meals

If you have the $1.50 off (2) Classico Pata Sauce coupon, they are $1.99 at Target (Thats the price at mine, in Southern California, L.A. area) There are peelies on them saying, "Free box of Pasta w/ purchase of two (2) jars of Classico Pastsa Sauce [up to $1.99 value]". So After the coupon and peelie, you get 2 jars of Classico Pasta Sauce and a FREE box of pasta for only $2.50.

At Target, the Banquet meals are only $.89. Buy 4 and use $1.50 off 4 ConAgra internet coupon ( Print Here). After coupon pay only $2.06 (+tax) for 4 Banquet meals.

Also, with every purchase of a ConAgra product (like the Banquet meals), ConAgra donates one plate of food to hungry children. Cheap food, and you help feed the hungry, what a deal!


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