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Monday, May 3, 2010

200 Flower Bulbs for $11 + FREE SHIPPING

 200 Flower Bulbs for $11 + FREE SHIPPING

This deal still looks to be working. My box of 200 bulbs just came today. Some are smaller than others, the biggest ones are medium in size. All look very healthy, and for the price, i can't complain. Unfortunately, when i ordered them, i didn't know about the coupon so i got them for $13. That is still a good deal.

Head on over to DirectBulbs.com to order. Its a Buy One Get One Free Sale, so in total its 200 Flower Bulbs for $11. Use the code "GN1020059" during checkout. They have FREE shipping.

From their website: "
It is always Top Quality direct from Holland for a reasonable price, 100% guaranteed and comes with FREE shipping!... Your purchases are riskfree, if anything fails, free replacement or your money back!"

RISK-FREE! They replace you bulbs if they don't grow. How wonderful is that!

The flower bulbs ARE separated in individual bags. Also, if for some reason the 200 bulb Easter Special doesn't work, they have many other great offers on bulbs for a good price.

They also pre-clear their bulbs which is always nice :)

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