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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get $50 Cashback When You SIgn Up For Discover It Student Card! Promotion!

In an effort to continue building my credit that I started last year, I made a wise choice earlier this month. I signed up for a Discover It Student credit card and was approved. For any students looking to get a god student card with amazing cashback rewards, this card is definitely the way to go. I am new to the Discover family, but from my first call to activate my card, I will remain faithful. I've never had a better CR, she sounded more exited to activate the card than I was!

Discover It Student cards comes with a great cashback program, every quarter (4 in each year) you get 5% cashback on purchases that fall in the quarter's categories. For January - March you get 5% cashback for the category "Restaurants and Movies". Now, this great category includes fast food chains like Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. And movies include Netflix subscriptions, beside purchases made at major theaters like Cinemark, Regal, and more . So you get cashback for things you already commonly pay for, how great is that?

Now to the point, Discover is offering $50 to anyone who I refer, so if you'd like to add to your credit, or start building credit, I suggest you apply for the Discover It Student card, or even the non-student Discover It card! To be eligible for the $50 cashback promotion, you must click my referral link here, and just make 1 (one) purchase within 3 months (it can be $1 purchase, doesn't matter!). And who doesn't love free money? :)

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