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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My (Star Wars) Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 61%)

Target shopping round up savings
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I finally found the Star Wars clearance at my store, however, there wasn't much selection. That being said, I still found a couple cute things to get myself, all the Star Wars Valentine's things were 20% off. Yes, I even bought myself a Valentine's day gift because I won't be getting one from anyone else as far as I know. Plus, who can resist a cute little Vader plush with chocolate? lol. My trip:

Bought (2) Star Wars Electronic Helmets -
(Reg. $19.99) On Clearance - $9.99
-Used (2) $5/1 Target Qs
Bought (1) Star Wars M&M's Dispenser, Small size (Reg. $4.99) On Sale - $3.99 

Bought (1) Star Wars Plushie w/ Chocolate Box (Reg. $7.99) On Sale - $6.39
Bought (1) Star Wars Pen (Reg. $4.99) On Clearance - $2.49 

Total - before coupons: $57.95 | after coupons: $24.85
Saved: $35.09 -or- 61%

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