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Monday, December 26, 2011

This Is What Happens When I'm Behind On Couponing + My Holidays!

Coupon Clutter During Holidays
See the picture above? That's what happens when I have a lot going on. I just went through my coupon filer in my bag and they were ALL expired (I won't even mention how many old inserts I have that are all expired too). I have not been on a Shopping Round-Up trip in a while, and this was due to school (especially during finals), the Holidays and just life. The Holidays make everything so hectic, so much that I took a 5-hour nap on Christmas and missed my Green Bay Packers win and beat the Bears! I missed my Clay Matthews made an interception :(

Well, life is back on track, the worst is over (hopefully). My house is still full of little cousins sleeping over for the week, the grandparents and then some, but its always fun! The reason I went through my coupon filer was because I am well rested and READY to hit up Target in a couple hours. I LOVE clearance, and all things Christmas-related should be at 50% today. Woohoo!

I actually got a couple gifts this Christmas, all from my uncles. Mostly money (no 4ft. Maxx the Sock Monkey, unfortunately) and gift cards, but that's far better than getting absolutely nothing last year. Well, I did get a gift from my buddy Kerry from TotallyTarget. What was it? A Justin Bieber doll that I adore lol. Justin hangs out with Spock, they are the best of friends! :) I hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your New Years! Let's start off 2012 on a positive note!

P.S.  Santa... Clay Matthews was not under my tree! Please remember next year, lol. I'll settle for his jersey or even a huge wall decal of him! :)

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