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Monday, September 19, 2011

R.I.P. Netflix... Why Netflix Is Destined To Go DOWNHILL!

Netflix Sucks Price Hike Qwikster
If you guys haven't heard about Netflix and their price hike recently, I'm sure you saw it on your bill and thought "...what the hell?". Their decision to hike the prices (for their mediocre service, at best) took a BIG hit on them. Their stock has fallen, they have lost many many customers, more than they even anticipated. NOW Netflix announced an "apology" stating that they are moving and rebranding their DVD-to-mail service to Qwikster "a Netflix Company". After the price hike, if you were one of the people who opted to keep both the streaming and dvd-to-mail service, you have been given no consideration whatsoever. Why? Because now YOU will have to different charges on your bill, how exiting! With that comes along different websites, different movie queues, different ratings, etc. They have changed things around, but the benefits are on their side, while the customer is left aggravated. As a customer, companies (that are around because WE pay for their service) should aim to make things easier for us, not "upgrade" to make it more difficult. That is the reason why Netflix is going downhill.

Netflix doesn't seem to care much about its customers, but they enjoy the $ that comes in. DVD rental is a service that is declining and will soon disappear. Common sense leads me to think that they renaming moving their DVD rentals to another company so that when it eventually happens in the coming years it won't be associated with "Netflix". Smart move? Perhaps. But this is one company I want to see wiped out. There are many other services around that can revive what Netflix was before AND make it much better. Where are you guys?

What do you guys think of this ridiculous rebranding? Also, do you enjoy Netflix? I unsubscribed before the price hike because I just didn't feel like watching movies older than myself and not having a good selection of recent movies released in the recent 6-months to watch. IMO, it was a mediocre service.

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