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Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Do They Lie? :)

I came across this picture recently and couldn't stop laughing. Am I crazy? Delusional? I doubt it, I guess I find humor in redundant things. This picture depicts Fast Food advertisements vs. the REAL STUFF that you unwrap when eating in their "fine" establishments.

Don't get me wrong, I love fast food, haven't had any in a while (and about 7 years ago vowed never to go to that disgusting place called McDonalds). I do love it though, but was wondering... If they advertised the foods on the right side, the real food, I bet people wouldn't want to eat there as much. Its just something I figured because looking at the advertised food makes me crave it, but looking at the real food I say, "600+ calories for that, no thanks!". Sadly in my head I know how yummy the Whopper (without cheese) really is :( 

There are many new items that I would run out and buy before. Thinking back now, I ran out to buy it because it LOOKED good in the commercials, but was very disappointed! In example, when KFC unveiled their Honey BBQ Snacker and Mashed Potato Bowl I was at the store in mere seconds, lol. The bowl made me throw up that day, it was repulsive. The mixture of corn, mashed potatoes, gravy and a little bit of popcorn chicken just shouldn't be done! And their snacker was such a disappointment, the bread tasted old and stale. Theres about 5 bucks I could've stretched at a Target haul :)

Randomness can't be beat :) Any of you guys buy and try something just because it looked good in the advertisements? I bet so!

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