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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Weekend! PACKERS WIN! :)

What a great weekend! See the guns on Clay Matthews up there? I hope you guys were watching the Packer vs. Falcons game because it was GREAT! I spent the first 2 quarters with nerves and just minutes away from having a heart attack! Oh man, I can't believe I was having tiny doubt about my team, but I have to admit the Falcons were holding their ground like beasts. Too bad, their stamina was all burned out before the 3rd quarter started and the PACKERS were just pounding them like beasts! At the beginning of the fame the Atlanta dome was FULL of Falcon fans and by the 3rd quarter the majority had left knowing their team was doomed. My Packers won 48-21 and will be playing the Bears next week and when they beat them, its time for the SUPERBOWL! :)

My Packers played well and efficiently, the adorable Rodgers was great and my future husband Clay Matthews was a BEAST! This man is so milky and dreamy and has beautiful hair lol! :) He was born in the same place I was, wish he would come back soon so I can run into him, so dreamy! He is 6'3" and 250 pounds of deliciousness haha! The game was the best part of my weekend and I hope all of you guys had a good one too! I'll leave you guys with a preview of the man of my dreams (he is number 52, keep an eye out).

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