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Friday, November 26, 2010

100,000 Page Views!

I can't believe I just noticed I recently hit well over 100,000 page views. That is a lot! Its practically like having the entire cities of Berkeley, California; Pompano Beach, Florida or even Green Bay, Wisconsin (home of the great Green Bay Packers) visiting my blog. I'm glad you guys keep coming back :) 

Little by little I find myself being very intrigued by food blogs (more so than before). I just recently made my 1st cheesecake. I know this is something insignificant to most, but I never knew how easy it would was. I always looked at it like such a luxury! :) Anyways, I've been posting more personal blog posts under "Misc." and will continue doing so, as I believe my blog can be about EVERYTHING and ANY subject under the stars that interests me :) 

Thank you guys for sticking around! I've grown very fond of my blogging community and have never stuck to any blogs for as long as I have on Student Saving Bucks :)

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