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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My 7/11 Target Shopping Round-Up (Saved 82%)

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Here is my shopping round-up for Target (7/11). Unpleasant cashier (they really need to re-train these people and tell them how to handle coupon transactions properly). I found it funny how he put some coupons to the side and said, "you can't use these, there are too many... i cant let the total go that low". LMAO! Acting like I'm stealing money from his pocket. Called someone in higher position and they proceeded to tell him what i told him in the first place. Stacked coupons are allowed. So here goes my trip:

Transaction #1
(4) Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastic Cleaners (1 white, 3 blue) @ $2.04e
-Used (4) $.55/1 coupons + $5GC wyb (4) SB cleaners.
(2) Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner (Color Treated Hair) $3.49e
-Used (2) $1/1 Target Qs + $2/2 Coupon i got from sample.
(1) Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce $3.25
-Used $2/1 coupon + $1/1 Target Catalina
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean $6.99
-Used $5/1 coupon + $3/1 Target Q
**(1) Schick Hydro  3-Blade Razor $6.99
-Used (1) $5/1 coupon + $4/1 Target Q
Total: 0.00; tax $0.79 - Got a $5 Gift Card
-Paid with previous $5GC from last trip.
**The Schick Hydro razor doesn't show up on my receipt. The $4 Off coupon does show up though... this cashier scanned them all so im thinking he KOd it and it went through. When i did the math on my receipt, it adds up without the razor but with the coupon.

Transaction #2
(1) Glade Spray - $3.89
-Used $1/1 coupon + $2/1 Target Q
(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean $6.99
-Used $5/1 coupon + $3/1 Target Q
(1) Mr. Clean w/ Febreeze Cleaner $2.49
-Used (1) $1.50/1 coupon
(1) Tide Stain Release (10ct.) $3.54
-Used (1) $1.50/1 coupon + $1/1 Target Q
(2) Olay Bar (travel size) $.97
-Used (2) $.97/1 coupon (adjusted down)
(1) Tide 2x Ultra (travel size)
-Used (1) $1/1 coupon
(1) Herbalife Hair Color (Light Ash Blond) $3.48 (on clearance)
(3) Purina One Dog Food (6oz.) $1
-Used (3) $1/1 coupons (adjust down)
**(1) Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastic Spray $2.04
Total: $10.30 after tax
Paid with Gift Card ($4.21) + $1.09 oop + $5 Gift Card from Transaction #1.
**I didn't buy another SB Fantastic Spray.. this cashier somehow scanned one of the first 4 i had in transaction #1. The store was already closed and we were the only people left still paying. Ugh, i'll try to avoid him next time. Wish that other guy that is my fav. cashier was there :(

Transaction #3
(1) Orbit Winterfresh $.97 + (1) Orbit Gum $1.04
-Used $1/1 Target Q
(1) Stride Gum $1.04 + (1) Stride Shift $1.29
-Used BOGO Stride Shift wyb Stride + $1.04 Target Q (adjusted higher?)
Total: $1.01 for 4 packages of gum!
-Paid $1.01 oop

Grand Total: $12.10 (only $2.10 oop) and i still have a $5 Gift Card
Grand Savings: $55.04   - 82%
So.. without counting what i paid with GCs... i only paid $2.10 out of pocket and still have a GC to roll on a next trip. Nice trip, horrible cashier.

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Frugal Science Gal said...

Very Nice!! Congrats on such a great purchase!!

Frugal Science Gal

Deb said...

That is absolutely amazing!!! Way to go!!!
Thanks for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and commenting on my little owl give-a-way!!! Hope your week is blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, so young! im 23 and love to save money at target too!

T. said...

LOL about the cashier! I agree totally. It amazes me how some of them can be so incredibly helpful and then you get one who is Lost in Space.

Anonymous said...
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