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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All You Magazine - Free 2 Issue Trial

I know this might not be news to most of you, but, All You Magazine is offering a free 2-Issue Trial. They give you the "Bill Me Later" option. I've heard so many good things about All You. Also, in each issue they send a lot of coupons, many are of high value. With all the coupons inside, I'm sure it will pay for itself over time.

They are offering a 1 year (12 issues) subscription for only $19.90. You can choose to pay then and there with your credit/debit card, or chose this option:

"Just send me my Free Trial Issues and bill me later. If I like ALL YOU, I'll receive 10 additional issues, 12 in all (1 year) for only $19.90. This includes the cost of my two free trial issues. If I don't want to continue with ALL YOU after the Free Trial issues, I'll simply return my bill marked "cancel," and owe nothing. The cancellation is effective immediately, and any trial issues I receive are mine to keep, FREE." 

I just ordered my 2 free trials with the Bill Me Later option. I've heard only good things about the mag. so I'm willing to test it out. You should too!


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