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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday - Mail Day

Boo! My internet, home phone AND t.v. were out for 4 days. How did people survive without the internet before? I had to call the bank to get my balance lol. I'm so used to texting for it, or checking it online. I tried checking my email by stealing some Wi-Fi in my neighborhood lol. 

So anyways, this week has been great to far! I got my Medco order on Thursday (both of them), not free, but only paid $.99 shipping for both. I saved $19ish on both. I got the Gillette Fusion Razor; its so cute! lol. It operates with a battery and works pretty effectively. I still prefer the Schick Hydro 5. From Walmart i got my Old Spice body wash and Secret Clinical deodorant sample. I got my free Tropicana coupon and free lipstick from Walgreens (w/ a coupon).  I also got my order from Amazon... ahh i love it so much, but if i said what it was you guys would think i'm addicted, which i actually am lol. Not mentioning what it is :)

Keep up on the freebies, they make take a bit to get there, but they get there!


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