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Monday, May 11, 2015

We lost our home, and got evicted. Help us afford a Gas Stove and some canned goods.

This is a bit off topic, but we need any help we can get! ​My family of 5, from the Los Angeles area, is in desperate need of a stove. Short history of our situation: Our home was sold at auction on March 19th while a pending "loan modification" was in place. We were scammed out of money by the "lawyers" who sought to help us. We received a "5-day Vacate" notice from the Sheriff, which we now believe was fraudulent and left by the "investor /residential company" who bought our home (something that they have done before, according to reviews I've been reading online). These people showed up at our door a day after the house sold to threaten us and post all kinds of notices that we now are finding were unwarranted. We are seeking help from local law clinics to move forward with a possible lawsuit.

Before we found this information out, we packed everything we could, stored most of our belongings and found someone to rent to us the very last day of the 5-day notice. We, however, had already stored our fridge in storage, lost all food we had, and had already donated our canned goods to our neighbor who is a single mother and had been recently fired from her job. We couldn't fathom letting food go to waste. 

Our new place came with little to nothing. There was no stove (see picture in gogetfunding link below), but we took whatever we could get, as opposed to having my siblings (9 and 13 years old), and the rest of us living on the streets. With the cost of deposits for transferring utilities, moving truck rental, storage fees, and deposit/rent this month, we are short on these upcoming months. Any help anyone can spare for us to buy a new or used gas stove and packaged/canned goods, would be more than appreciated. We're not looking for anything fancy, just a regular stove to be able to cook a hot meal (fast food is horrible on an every day basis) and canned/pantry goods like veggies, fruit, sauces, soups, beans, rice, etc.

Thank you to anyone willing to spare any amount. $0.50 can buy us some canned veggies, so anything is appreciated! Once we are more settled I look forward to helping other people in need, that is what makes the world go 'round imo.

GoGetFunding page: http://gogetfunding.com/evicted-and-lost-our-home-help-us-afford-a-stove-and-canned-goods/

Amazon wishlist for canned and misc. goods: http://amzn.com/w/2LM87KTGWS7SS

Mini Update: Thank you to those that have donated (we're up to $45 for the Stove fund) and some kind souls for sending over some of the canned goods and essentials from our Amazon Wishlist :) We still have a ways to go for the stove and some items in the Amazon wishlist. Thank you all for any help!

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